The type of date that defines the usage with regard to the ACTIVITY.

An ACTIVITY may have many dates associated with it but may only have one date of a particular type.

National Codes:

001Angiogram Date (Retired July 2012)
002Arrival Date At Accident and Emergency Department (Retired 01 November 2020)
003Breast Assessment Date (Retired 1 January 2013)
004Cancer Dental Assessment Date (Retired September 2018)
005Colorectal or Stoma Nurse Seen Date (Retired 1 January 2013)
006Coronary Angiography Date (Retired July 2012)
007Care Programme Approach Review Date (Retired September 2018)
008Date Biopsy Taken (Retired 01 April 2014)
009Discharge Date
010Discharge Ready Date
011End Date
012Event Date (Retired July 2012)
013Expected Delivery Date (Retired September 2012)
014First Antenatal Assessment Date
015Full Postnatal Examination Date (Retired September 2012)
016Initial Patient Contact Date (Retired July 2012)
017Investigation Transfer Date (Retired July 2012)
018Intrauterine Device Application Date (Retired September 2012)
019Intrauterine Device Fitted Date (Retired September 2012)
020Last Dosage Date (Retired April 2019)
021Mental Health Care Assessment Date (Retired September 2012)
022Miscarriage Date (Retired September 2012)
023Pathology Result Due Date (Retired April 2019)
024Patient Informed Biopsy Result Date (Retired April 2019)
025Patient Informed Of Outcome Date (Retired September 2012)
026Smoking Quit Date (Retired October 2017)
027Review Planned Date (Retired 01 April 2014)
028Screening Result Date (Retired 01 April 2014)
029Screening Result Sent Date (Retired April 2019)
030Specialist Palliative Care Date (Retired 01 April 2014)
031Start Date
032Cancer Symptoms First Noted Date (Retired September 2018)
033Attendance Date (Retired September 2018)
034Clinical Intervention Date
035Immunisation Completion Date (Retired 01 September 2015)
036Clinical Status Assessment Date (Retired September 2018)
037Dose Given Date (Retired September 2012)
038Test Date (Retired September 2012)
039Contact Date (Retired September 2018)
040Appointment Date (Retired September 2018)
041Primary Procedure Date (Retired September 2018)
042Second Operation Date (Retired 01 April 2014)
043Speech and Language Assessment Date (Retired September 2018)
044Third Operation Date (Retired 01 April 2014)
045Date First Seen (Retired September 2018)
046Statutory Assessment Date (Retired 01 January 2016)
047Screening Test Date (Retired September 2018)
048Genitourinary Care Contact Date (Retired January 2014)
049Consultant Upgrade Date
101Referral Closure Date (Community Care) (Retired 01 September 2015)
102Discharge Letter Issued Date (Community Care) (Retired 01 September 2015)
103Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Administration Date (Retired September 2018)
104Procedure Date
105Immunisation Date (Retired September 2018)
106Antenatal Appointment Date (Retired 1 April 2019)
107Antenatal Booking Appointment Date (Retired September 2018)
108Pregnancy First Contact Date
109Screening Test Information Given Date (Retired 1 April 2019)
110Assessment Date For Transplant Suitability
111Accident and Emergency Initial Assessment Date (Retired 01 November 2020)
112Accident and Emergency Date Seen For Treatment (Retired 01 November 2020)
113Accident and Emergency Attendance Conclusion Date (Retired 01 November 2020)
114Accident and Emergency Departure Date (Retired 01 November 2020)
115Clinical Assessment Date (Retired September 2018)
116Imaging or Radiodiagnostic Event Date (Retired September 2018)
117Neonatal Critical Care Daily Care Date
118Two Year Neonatal Outcomes Assessment Date (Retired September 2018)
119Date of Pregnancy Outcome (Current Fetus) (Retired 1 April 2019)
120Neonatal Critical Incident Date (Retired 1 April 2019)
121American Joint Committee on Cancer Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
122Ann Arbor Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
123Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
124Binet Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
125Chang Staging System Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
126Clinical Stage Date (Pancreatic Cancer) (Retired September 2018)
127Final Figo Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
128Holistic Needs Assessment Completed Date (Retired September 2018)
129Intergroup Rhabdomyosarcoma Study Post Surgical Group Date (Retired September 2018)
130International Neuroblastoma Staging System Date (Retired 01 April 2017)
131Myeloma International Staging System Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
132Modified Dukes Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
133Multidisciplinary Team Discussion Date (Cancer)
134Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Date (Cancer)
135Murphy St Jude Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
136Rai Stage Date (Retired 01 April 2017)
137Retinoblastoma Assessment Date (Retired September 2018)
138TNM Stage Grouping Date (Final Pretreatment) (Retired September 2018)
139TNM Stage Grouping Date (Integrated) (Retired September 2018)
140Wilms Tumour Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
141Care Contact Cancellation Date
142Care Contact Date
143Child Protection Plan End Date (Retired September 2018)
144Child Protection Plan Start Date (Retired September 2018)
145Discharge Letter Issued Date (Mental Health and Community Care)
146Health Visitor First Antenatal Visit Date (Retired September 2018)
147Infant Physical Examination Date (Retired September 2018)
148Onward Referral Date (Retired September 2018)
149Referral Closure Date
150Referral Rejection Date
151Replacement Appointment Booked Date
152Replacement Appointment Date Offered
153Service Discharge Date (Retired September 2018)
154Date of Restrictive Intervention (Retired 01 April 2019)
155Indirect Activity Date
156Mental Health Crisis Plan Creation Date (Retired 01 April 2017)
157Mental Health Crisis Plan Last Updated Date (Retired 01 April 2017)
158Care Plan Agreed Date
159Care Plan Creation Date
160Care Plan Implementation Date
161Care Plan Last Updated Date
162Five Forensic Pathways Assessment Date (Retired September 2018)
163International Neuroblastoma Risk Group Staging System Stage Date (Retired September 2018)
164Stage Grouping Date (Testicular Cancer) (Retired September 2018)
165Emergency Care Arrival Date
166Emergency Care Initial Assessment Date
167Emergency Care Date Seen For Treatment
168Emergency Care Attendance Conclusion Date
169Emergency Care Departure Date
170Injury Date (Retired September 2018)
171Referred To Service Assessment Date (Retired September 2018)
172Intended Smoking Quit Date (Moved to PLANNED ACTIVITY DATE TYPE September 2018)
173Cancer Transformation Agreed Date (Primary Cancer Pathway)
174Cancer Progression Agreed Date (Primary Cancer Pathway)
175Clinical Trial Decision Date
176Treatment Start Date (Cancer) (Retired September 2018)
177Cancer Faster Diagnosis Pathway End Date (Retired September 2018)
178Cancer Referral To Treatment Period Start Date (Retired September 2018)
179Cancer Treatment Period Start Date (Retired September 2018)
180Observable Entity Date
181Package of Care or Year of Care Start Date (Contract Monitoring)
182NHS Continuing Healthcare Standard Checklist Completed Date
183Clinical Commissioning Group Eligibility Decision Date (NHS Continuing Healthcare Standard)
184Clinical Commissioning Group Eligibility Decision Outcome Communicated To Patient Date (NHS Continuing Healthcare Standard)
185NHS Continuing Healthcare Fast Track Pathway Tool Completed Date
186NHS Continuing Healthcare Request Received Date
187NHS Continuing Healthcare Local Resolution Formal Meeting Date
188NHS Continuing Healthcare Local Resolution Informal Meeting Date
189Local Resolution Eligibility Decision Outcome Communicated To Patient Date (NHS Continuing Healthcare)
190NHS Continuing Healthcare Care Package Eligibility Status Change Date
191NHS Continuing Healthcare Eligibility Start Date Following Independent Review
192NHS Continuing Healthcare Previously Unassessed Period Of Care Decision Made Date
193NHS Continuing Healthcare Previously Unassessed Period Of Care Eligibility Decision Communicated To Requester Date
194Unbundled Care Activity Date
195Activity Date for Age (Contract Monitoring)
196Activity End Date (Contract Monitoring)
197Activity Start Date (Contract Monitoring)
198Care Plan Content Agreed Date
199eMED3 Fit Note Assessment Date
200eMED3 Fit Note Recorded Date
201Last Patient Did Not Attend Date
202Last Patient Cancelled Date

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