This is recorded for PATIENT ACTIVITY.

A PATIENT who is an Overseas Visitor does not qualify for free NHS healthcare and can choose to pay for NHS treatment or for private treatment. If they pay for NHS treatment then they should be recorded as NHS PATIENTS.

The PATIENT's ADMINISTRATIVE CATEGORY CODE may change during an episode or spell. For example, the PATIENT may opt to change from NHS to private health care. In this case, the start and end dates for each new ADMINISTRATIVE CATEGORY PERIOD (episode or spell) should be recorded.

If the ADMINISTRATIVE CATEGORY CODE changes during a Hospital Provider Spell the ADMINISTRATIVE CATEGORY CODE (ON ADMISSION) is used to derive the 'Category of PATIENT' for Hospital Episode Statistics (HES).

The category 'amenity PATIENT' is only applicable to PATIENTS using a Hospital Bed.

National Codes:

01NHS PATIENT, including Overseas Visitors charged under the National Health Service (Overseas Visitors Hospital Charging Regulations)
02Private PATIENT, one who uses accommodation or SERVICES authorised under the National Health Service Act 2006 
03Amenity PATIENT, one who pays for the use of a single room or small ward in accordance with the National Health Service Act 2006 
04Category II PATIENT, one for whom work is undertaken by hospital medical or dental staff within category II as defined in paragraph 37 of the Terms and Conditions of Service of Hospital Medical and Dental Staff.

This attribute is also known by these names: