The communication mechanism used to relay information between the CARE PROFESSIONAL and the PERSON who is the subject of the consultation, during a CARE CONTACT.

A non-face to face consultation should directly support diagnosis and care planning and must replace a face to face Out-Patient Attendance Consultant, Clinic Attendance Nurse or Clinic Attendance Midwife, or other types of CARE CONTACT.

A record of the consultation must be retained in the PATIENT's records.

Contact with PATIENTS solely for the purpose of informing them of the outcome of Diagnostic Test results, with no other clinical interaction, are not classified as CARE CONTACTS.

National Codes:

01Face to face
04Talk type for a PERSON unable to speak
09Text message (Asynchronous)
10Instant messaging (Synchronous)
11Video Consultation
12Message Board (Asynchronous)
13Chat Room (Synchronous)
98Other (not listed)

CONSULTATION MEDIUM USED will be replaced with CONSULTATION MECHANISM, which is the most recent approved national information standard to describe the required definition.


This attribute is also known by these names: