An indication of whether a CRITICAL CARE PERIOD was initiated as a result of a non-emergency treatment plan, for example, for elective major surgery.

This relates only to the period of critical care and not to the nature of the hospital admission. For example, a planned hospital admission may unexpectedly require an emergency intensive care unit admission, in which case the classification will be National Code' 01'.

National Codes:

01Unplanned local admission. All emergency or urgent PATIENTS referred to the unit only as a result of an unexpected acute illness occurring within the local area (hospitals within the Trust together with neighbouring community units and services).
02Unplanned transfer in. All emergency or urgent PATIENTS referred to the unit as a result of an unexpected acute illness occurring outside the local area (including private and overseas Health Care Providers).
03Planned transfer in (tertiary referral). A pre-arranged admission to the unit after treatment or initial stabilisation at another Health Care Provider (including private and overseas Health Care Providers) but requiring specialist or higher-level care that cannot be provided at the source hospital or unit.
04Planned local surgical admission. A pre-arranged surgical admission from the local area to the to the unit, acceptance by the unit must have occurred prior to the start of the surgical procedure and the procedure will usually have been of an elective or scheduled nature. For example, following a major procedure, for a high risk medical condition associated with any level of surgery, admitted prior to elective surgery for optimisation, admitted for monitoring of pain control eg epidurals, or obstetric surgical cases admitted on a planned basis.
05Planned local medical admission from the local area. Booked medical admission, for example, planned investigation or high risk medical treatment.
06Repatriation. The PATIENT is normally resident in your local area and is being admitted or readmitted to your unit from another hospital (including overseas Health Care Providers). This situation will normally arise when a PATIENT is returning from tertiary or specialist care.



This attribute is also known by these names: