A National Code for a POSITION applicable to an EMPLOYEE.


National Codes:

01001Medical and Dental - Medical Director
01002Medical and Dental - Clinical Director - Medical
01003Medical and Dental - Professor
01004Medical and Dental - Senior Lecturer
01005Medical and Dental - CONSULTANT
01006Medical and Dental - Dental surgeon acting as Hospital CONSULTANT
01007Medical and Dental - Special salary scale in Public Health Medicine
01008Medical and Dental - Associate Specialist (Closed to new entrants from 01 April 2008 or regrading from 01 April 2009)
01009Medical and Dental - Staff Grade (Closed to new entrants 01 April 2008)
01010Medical and Dental - Hospital Practitioner (Closed to new entrants)
01011Medical and Dental - Clinical Assistant (Closed to new entrants)
01012Medical and Dental - Specialist Registrar - Closed (Retired 01 April 2010)
01013Medical and Dental - Senior House Officer - Closed (Retired 01 April 2010)
01014Medical and Dental - House Officer - Pre-registration - Closed (Retired 01 April 2010) 
01015Medical and Dental - House Officer - Post-registration - Closed (Retired 01 April 2010)
01016Medical and Dental - Trust Grade Doctor - House Officer level - Closed (Retired 01 April 2010) 
01017Medical and Dental - Trust Grade Doctor - SHO level - Closed (Retired 01 April 2010)
01018Medical and Dental - Trust Grade Doctor - Specialist Registrar level - Closed (Retired 01 April 2010)
01019Medical and Dental - Trust Grade Doctor - Career Grade level
01020Medical and Dental - Director of Public Health
01021Medical and Dental - Clinical Medical Officer (Closed to new entrants)
01022Medical and Dental - Senior Clinical Medical Officer (Closed to new entrants)
01023Medical and Dental - 'Other' Community Health Service
01026Medical and Dental - Salaried GENERAL PRACTITIONER
01027Medical and Dental - Regional Dental Officer (Retired 01 October 2017)
01028Medical and Dental - Clinical Director - Dental
01029Medical and Dental - Dental Officer
01030Medical and Dental - Senior Dental Officer
01031Medical and Dental - Salaried Dental Practitioner
01032Medical and Dental - Specialty Doctor
01033Medical and Dental - Foundation Year 1
01034Medical and Dental - Foundation Year 2
01035Medical and Dental - Specialty Registrar
01036Medical and Dental - Medical Student (Retired 31 July 2022)
01037Medical and Dental - Trust Grade Doctor - Specialty Registrar
01038Medical and Dental - Foundation Dentist
01039Medical and Dental - Associate Postgraduate Dean
01040Medical and Dental - Trust Grade Doctor - Foundation Level
01041Medical and Dental - GP Senior Partner
01042Medical and Dental - GP Partner/Provider
01043Medical and Dental - GP Retainer
01044Medical and Dental - GP Locum
01045Medical and Dental - Dental Core Trainee
01046Medical and Dental - Specialist Dentist
01047Medical and Dental - Specialist
02001Students - Student NURSE - Adult Branch
02002Students - Student NURSE - Child Branch
02003Students - Student NURSE - Mental Health Branch
02004Students - Student NURSE - Learning Disabilities Branch
02005Students - Student MIDWIFE
02006Students - Student Health Visitor
02007Students - Student District Nurse
02008Students - Student School Nurse
02009Students - Student Practice Nurse
02010Students - Student Occupational Health Nurse
02011Students - Student Community Children's Nurse
02012Students - Student Mental Health Nurse
02013Students - Student Learning Disabilities Nurse
02014Students - Student Chiropodist
02015Students - Student Dietitian
02016Students - Student Occupational Therapist
02017Students - Student Orthoptist
02018Students - Student Physiotherapist
02019Students - Student Radiographer - Diagnostic
02020Students - Student Radiographer - Therapeutic
02021Students - Student Speech and Language Therapist
02022Students - Art, Music and Drama Student
02023Students - Student Psychotherapist
02024Students - Student Social Worker
02025Students - Student Paramedic
02026Students - Student Prosthetics and Orthotics
02027Students - Student Operating Department Practitioner
02028Students - Student Osteopath
02029Students - Medical Student
03001Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Director of Nursing
03002Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Nurse Consultant
03003Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Nurse Manager
03004Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Modern Matron
03005Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Specialist Nurse Practitioner
03006Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Sister/Charge Nurse
03007Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Staff Nurse
03008Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Enrolled Nurse 
03009Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Midwife - Consultant
03010Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Midwife - Specialist Practitioner
03011Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Midwife - Manager
03012Nursing and Midwifery Registered - MIDWIFE  - Sister/Charge Nurse (Retired 01 December 2012)
03013Nursing and Midwifery Registered - MIDWIFE 
03014Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Community Practitioner
03015Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Community Nurse
03016Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Advanced Practitioner (Retired 31 July 2022)
03017Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Practice Nurse
03018Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Extended Role Practice Nurse
03019Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Practice Nurse Partner
03020Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Practice Research Nurse
03021Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Practice Nurse Dispenser
03022Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Surgical Care Practitioner
03023Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Sonographer
03024Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Nurse - Advanced Practitioner
03025Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Midwife - Advanced Practitioner
03026Nursing and Midwifery Registered - Trainee Advanced Practitioner
04001Allied Health Professionals - Art Therapist
04002Allied Health Professionals - Art Therapist Consultant
04003Allied Health Professionals - Art Therapist Manager
04004Allied Health Professionals - Art Therapist Specialist Practitioner
04070Allied Health Professionals - Art Therapist Advanced Practitioner
04005Allied Health Professionals - Chiropodist/Podiatrist 
04006Allied Health Professionals - Chiropodist/Podiatrist Consultant
04007Allied Health Professionals - Chiropodist/Podiatrist Manager
04008Allied Health Professionals - Chiropodist/Podiatrist Specialist Practitioner
04071Allied Health Professionals - Chiropodist/Podiatrist Advanced Practitioner
04009Allied Health Professionals - Dietitian 
04010Allied Health Professionals - Dietitian Consultant
04011Allied Health Professionals - Dietitian Manager
04012Allied Health Professionals - Dietitian Specialist Practitioner
04072Allied Health Professionals - Dietitian Advanced Practitioner
04013Allied Health Professionals - Dramatherapist
04014Allied Health Professionals - Dramatherapist Consultant
04015Allied Health Professionals - Dramatherapist Manager
04016Allied Health Professionals - Dramatherapist Specialist Practitioner
04073Allied Health Professionals - Dramatherapist Advanced Practitioner
04017Allied Health Professionals - Multi Therapist
04018Allied Health Professionals - Multi Therapist Consultant
04019Allied Health Professionals - Multi Therapist Manager
04020Allied Health Professionals - Multi Therapist Specialist Practitioner
04074Allied Health Professionals - Multi Therapist Advanced Practitioner
04021Allied Health Professionals - Music Therapist
04022Allied Health Professionals - Music Therapist Consultant
04023Allied Health Professionals - Music Therapist Manager
04024Allied Health Professionals - Music Therapist Specialist Practitioner
04075Allied Health Professionals - Music Therapist Advanced Practitioner
04025Allied Health Professionals - Occupational Therapist 
04026Allied Health Professionals - Occupational Therapist Consultant
04027Allied Health Professionals - Occupational Therapist Manager
04028Allied Health Professionals - Occupational Therapist Specialist Practitioner
04076Allied Health Professionals - Occupational Therapist Advanced Practitioner
04029Allied Health Professionals - Orthoptist 
04030Allied Health Professionals - Orthoptist Consultant
04031Allied Health Professionals - Orthoptist Manager
04032Allied Health Professionals - Orthoptist Specialist Practitioner
04077Allied Health Professionals - Orthoptist Advanced Practitioner
04033Allied Health Professionals - Orthotist 
04034Allied Health Professionals - Orthotist Consultant
04035Allied Health Professionals - Orthotist Manager
04036Allied Health Professionals - Orthotist Specialist Practitioner
04078Allied Health Professionals - Orthotist Advanced Practitioner
04037Allied Health Professionals - Paramedic
04038Allied Health Professionals - Paramedic Consultant
04039Allied Health Professionals - Paramedic Manager
04040Allied Health Professionals - Paramedic Specialist Practitioner
04079Allied Health Professionals - Paramedic Advanced Practitioner
04041Allied Health Professionals - Physiotherapist 
04042Allied Health Professionals - Physiotherapist Consultant
04043Allied Health Professionals - Physiotherapist Manager
04044Allied Health Professionals - Physiotherapist Specialist Practitioner
04080Allied Health Professionals - Physiotherapist Advanced Practitioner
04045Allied Health Professionals - Prosthetist
04046Allied Health Professionals - Prosthetist Consultant
04047Allied Health Professionals - Prosthetist Manager
04048Allied Health Professionals - Prosthetist Specialist Practitioner
04081Allied Health Professionals - Prosthetist Advanced Practitioner
04049Allied Health Professionals - Radiographer - Diagnostic
04050Allied Health Professionals - Radiographer - Diagnostic, Consultant
04051Allied Health Professionals - Radiographer - Diagnostic, Manager
04052Allied Health Professionals - Radiographer - Diagnostic, Specialist Practitioner
04082Allied Health Professionals - Radiographer - Diagnostic, Advanced Practitioner
04053Allied Health Professionals - Radiographer - Therapeutic
04054Allied Health Professionals - Radiographer - Therapeutic, Consultant
04055Allied Health Professionals - Radiographer - Therapeutic, Manager
04056Allied Health Professionals - Radiographer - Therapeutic, Specialist Practitioner
04083Allied Health Professionals - Radiographer - Therapeutic, Advanced Practitioner
04057Allied Health Professionals - Speech and Language Therapist 
04058Allied Health Professionals - Speech and Language Therapist Consultant
04059Allied Health Professionals - Speech and Language Therapist Manager
04060Allied Health Professionals - Speech and Language Therapist Specialist Practitioner
04084Allied Health Professionals - Speech and Language Therapist Advanced Practitioner
04061Allied Health Professionals - Advanced Practitioner (Retired 31 July 2022)
04062Allied Health Professionals - Emergency Care Practitioner
04067Allied Health Professionals - Operating Department Practitioner
04063Allied Health Professionals - Operating Department Practitioner Manager
04064Allied Health Professionals - Operating Department Practitioner Specialist Practitioner
04085Allied Health Professionals - Operating Department Practitioner Advanced Practitioner
04069Allied Health Professionals - Surgical Care Practitioner
04068Allied Health Professionals - Osteopath
04065Allied Health Professionals - Osteopath Manager
04066Allied Health Professionals - Osteopath Specialist Practitioner
04086Allied Health Professionals - Osteopath Advanced Practitioner
04087Allied Health Professionals - Sonographer
04088Allied Health Professionals - Trainee Advanced Practitioner
05001Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Clinical Director
05002Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - OPTOMETRIST 
05003Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Pharmacist 
05004Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Psychotherapist
05005Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Applied Psychologist - Clinical
05006Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Chaplain
05007Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Social Worker
05008Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Approved Social Worker (Retired 01 October 2017)
05009Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Youth Worker
05010Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Specialist Practitioner
05011Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Practitioner
05012Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Technician
05014Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - High Intensity Therapist
05015Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Trainee High Intensity Therapist
05016Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Physician Assistant (Retired 01 January 2016)
05042Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Trainee Advanced Practitioner
05017Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Advanced Practitioner
05018Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Physician Associate
05020Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Social Care Manager
05021Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Manager
05022Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Approved Mental Health Professional (Retired 31 July 2022)
05023Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Trainee Clinical Psychologist
05024Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Trainee Counselling Psychologist
05025Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Trainee Health Psychologist
05026Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Trainee Other Applied Psychologist
05027Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Applied Psychologist - Counselling
05028Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Applied Psychologist - Educational
05029Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Applied Psychologist - Forensic
05030Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Applied Psychologist - Health
05031Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Applied Psychologist - Occupational
05032Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Applied Psychologist - Sport and Exercise
05033Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Applied Psychologist - Neuropsychologist
05034Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Counsellor
05035Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Social Worker - Psychological Therapist
05036Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Play Therapist
05037Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Family Therapist
05038Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Child and Adolescent Psychological Therapist or Psychotherapist
05040Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Anaesthesia Associate
05041Additional Professional Scientific and Technical - Sonographer
06001Healthcare Scientists - Clinical Scientist (Retired 01 April 2013)
06002Healthcare Scientists - Consultant Healthcare Scientist
06003Healthcare Scientists - Biomedical Scientist (Retired 01 April 2013)
06004Healthcare Scientists - Technician (Retired 01 April 2013)
06005Healthcare Scientists - Therapist (Retired 01 April 2013)
06006Healthcare Scientists - Manager
06007Healthcare Scientists - Specialist Healthcare Scientist
06008Healthcare Scientists - Healthcare Scientist
06012Healthcare Scientists - Healthcare Scientist Advanced Practitioner
06009Healthcare Scientists - Specialist Healthcare Science Practitioner
06010Healthcare Scientists - Healthcare Science Practitioner
06013Healthcare Scientists - Healthcare Science Practitioner Advanced Practitioner
06011Healthcare Scientists - Sonographer
06014Healthcare Scientists - Trainee Advanced Practitioner
07001Additional Clinical Services - Health Care Support Worker
07002Additional Clinical Services - Social Care Support Worker
07003Additional Clinical Services - Home Help
07004Additional Clinical Services - Healthcare Assistant
07005Additional Clinical Services - Nursery Nurse
07006Additional Clinical Services - Play Therapist
07007Additional Clinical Services - Play Specialist
07008Additional Clinical Services - Technician
07009Additional Clinical Services - Technical Instructor (Retired 31 July 2022)
07010Additional Clinical Services - Assistant/Associate Practitioner
07011Additional Clinical Services - Counsellor
07012Additional Clinical Services - Assistant
07013Additional Clinical Services - Dental Surgery Assistant
07014Additional Clinical Services - Medical Laboratory Assistant (Retired 01 January 2016)
07015Additional Clinical Services - Phlebotomist
07016Additional Clinical Services - Cytoscreener
07017Additional Clinical Services - Student Technician
07018Additional Clinical Services - Trainee Scientist
07019Additional Clinical Services - Trainee Practitioner
07020Additional Clinical Services - Nursing Cadet
07021Additional Clinical Services - Healthcare Cadet
07022Additional Clinical Services - Trainee Pharmacist
07023Additional Clinical Services - Assistant Psychologist
07024Additional Clinical Services - Assistant Psychotherapist
07025Additional Clinical Services - Call Operator
07026Additional Clinical Services - Gateway Worker
07027Additional Clinical Services - Support, Time, Recovery Worker
07028Additional Clinical Services - Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
07029Additional Clinical Services - Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
07030Additional Clinical Services - Apprentice (Retired 01 January 2019)
07031Additional Clinical Services - Assistant Practitioner Nursing
07032Additional Clinical Services - Ambulance Care Assistant/Patient Transport Service Driver
07033Additional Clinical Services - Emergency Care Assistant
07034Additional Clinical Services - Emergency Care Practitioner (Retired 01 January 2019)
07035Additional Clinical Services - Emergency Medical Dispatcher
07036Additional Clinical Services - Healthcare Science Associate
07037Additional Clinical Services - Healthcare Science Assistant
07038Additional Clinical Services - Trainee Healthcare Scientist
07039Additional Clinical Services - Trainee Healthcare Science Practitioner
07040Additional Clinical Services - Trainee Healthcare Science Associate
07041Additional Clinical Services - Analyst
07042Additional Clinical Services - Emergency Call Handler
07043Additional Clinical Services - Urgent Care Assistant
07044Additional Clinical Services - Urgent Care Practitioner
07045Additional Clinical Services - Employment Support Worker or Advisor
07046Additional Clinical Services - Family Therapist
07047Additional Clinical Services - Nursing Associate
07048Additional Clinical Services - Trainee Nursing Associate
07049Additional Clinical Services - Social Prescribing Link Worker
07050Additional Clinical Services - Peer Support Worker
07051Additional Clinical Services - Senior Peer Support Worker
07052Additional Clinical Services - Children's Wellbeing Practitioner
07053Additional Clinical Services - Trainee Children's Wellbeing Practitioner
07054Additional Clinical Services - Education Mental Health Practitioner
07055Additional Clinical Services - Trainee Education Mental Health Practitioner
07056Additional Clinical Services - Maternity Support Worker
07057Additional Clinical Services - Health and Wellbeing Coach
07058Additional Clinical Services - Care Coordinator
08001Administrative and Clerical - Clerical Worker
08002Administrative and Clerical - Receptionist
08003Administrative and Clerical - Secretary
08004Administrative and Clerical - Personal Assistant
08005Administrative and Clerical - Medical Secretary
08006Administrative and Clerical - Officer
08007Administrative and Clerical - Manager
08009Administrative and Clerical - Senior Manager
08010Administrative and Clerical - Technician
08011Administrative and Clerical - Accountant
08012Administrative and Clerical - Librarian (Retired 30 June 2021)
08013Administrative and Clerical - Interpreter
08014Administrative and Clerical - Analyst
08015Administrative and Clerical - Adviser
08016Administrative and Clerical - Researcher
08017Administrative and Clerical - Control Assistant
08018Administrative and Clerical - Architect
08019Administrative and Clerical - Lawyer
08020Administrative and Clerical - Surveyor
08021Administrative and Clerical - Chair
08022Administrative and Clerical - Chief Executive
08023Administrative and Clerical - Finance Director
08024Administrative and Clerical - Other Executive Director
08025Administrative and Clerical - Board Level director
08026Administrative and Clerical - Non-executive Director
08027Administrative and Clerical - Childcare Coordinator
08028Administrative and Clerical - Apprentice (Retired 01 January 2019)
08029Administrative and Clerical - Non-Emergency Call Handler
08030Administrative and Clerical - Non-Emergency Medical Dispatcher
08031Administrative and Clerical - Knowledge and Library Services Professional
08032Administrative and Clerical - Knowledge and Library Services Paraprofessional
08033Administrative and Clerical - Chief Operating Officer
08034Administrative and Clerical - Chief People Officer
08035Administrative and Clerical - Chief Information Officer
08036Administrative and Clerical - Estates and Facilities Director
08037Administrative and Clerical - Deputy Chief Executive
08038Administrative and Clerical - Chief Strategy Officer
08039Administrative and Clerical - Chief Sustainability Officer
08040Administrative and Clerical - Improvement Director
09001Estates and Ancillary - Support Worker
09002Estates and Ancillary - Housekeeper
09003Estates and Ancillary - Cook
09004Estates and Ancillary - Porter
09005Estates and Ancillary - Driver
09006Estates and Ancillary - Telephonist
09007Estates and Ancillary - Gardener/Groundsperson
09008Estates and Ancillary - Technician
09009Estates and Ancillary - Electrician
09010Estates and Ancillary - Fitter
09011Estates and Ancillary - Assistant
09012Estates and Ancillary - Labourer
09013Estates and Ancillary - Plumber
09014Estates and Ancillary - Carpenter
09015Estates and Ancillary - Bricklayer
09016Estates and Ancillary - Painter/Decorator
09017Estates and Ancillary - Work Analyst
09018Estates and Ancillary - Chargehand
09019Estates and Ancillary - Supervisor
09020Estates and Ancillary - Engineer
09021Estates and Ancillary - Building Officer
09022Estates and Ancillary - Maintenance Craftsperson
09023Estates and Ancillary - Building Craftsperson
09024Estates and Ancillary - Mechanic
09025Estates and Ancillary - Apprentice (Retired 01 January 2019)
09026Estates and Ancillary - Cleaner
10001Supplementary Role - Assessor
10002Supplementary Role - Clinical Supervisor
10003Supplementary Role - Educational Supervisor
10004Supplementary Role - Tutor

This attribute is also known by these names: