Change Log


Current version: 3.35


Click on the Change Request links below to see which Data Dictionary Change Notices (DDCNs), Data Set Change Notices (DSCNs) and Information Standards Notices (ISNs) changed this item after the release of version 3 of the NHS Data Model and Dictionary (May 2005).

Change RequestChange Request DescriptionImplementation Date
n/aMigrated from v1.3Immediate
CR822Organisation Codes Update2 Mar 2007
CR899NHS Data Model and Dictionary Maintenance UpdateImmediate
CR1018Change of Name for the National Administrative Codes Service1 Jun 2008
CR106510651 Oct 2009
CR1019Organisation Data Service (ODS) - Optical Sites and Optical Headquarters27 Nov 2009
CR1066Change of name for NHS Business Services Authority Prescription Pricing Division and NHS Business Services Authority Dental Services DivisionImmediate
CR1117Organisation Data Service Identification Codes for Local Authorities in England and Wales26 Aug 2011
CR1119Organisation Codes UpdateImmediate
CR1124December Update PatchImmediate
CR1252Geographic Area ChangesImmediate
CR1263Organisation Data Service Health and Social Care Bill ChangesImmediate
CR1277Organisation Data Service / TRUD UpdateImmediate
CR1280Update PatchImmediate
CR1282Independent Sector Healthcare Provider (ISHP) Code Update29 Jun 2012
CR1338November Release PatchImmediate
CR1340Organisation Data Service - Non-Legislative Organisations1 Apr 2013
CR1359Organisation Data Service - Identification Codes for Local Authorities29 Nov 2013
CR1369Organisation Codes and Organisation TypesImmediate
CR1375Health and Social Care Information Centre Branding PatchImmediate
CR1386Organisation Data Service ??? Special Health Authority (SpHA) Code Structure Change31 Jan 2014
CR1394July 2013 Release PatchImmediate
CR1408November 2013 Release PatchImmediate
CR1415Area TeamsImmediate
CR1473Chlamydia Testing Activity Data Set Update1 Jan 2015
CR1513Introduction of NHS England Region (Geography)27 Apr 2015
CR1532Health and Social Care Organisation Reference DataImmediate
CR1583Introduction of NHS DigitalImmediate
CR1590 PatchImmediate
CR1593November 2016 Release PatchImmediate
CR1594Technology Reference Data Update Distribution (TRUD)Immediate
CR1603March 2017 Release PatchImmediate
CR1726May 2019 Release PatchImmediate
CR1757Organisation Data Service Information Update1 Apr 2020
CR1780August 2020 Release PatchImmediate
CR1784Organisation and NHS Business DefinitionsImmediate