The type of health CARE ACTIVITY provided and carried out by the Sexual and Reproductive Health Service at the PATIENT attendance or CARE CONTACT.

National Codes:

01Sexual Health Advice (e.g. covers all other advice that is not an inherent part of an activity listed under Sexual and Reproductive Health Service Activities)
02Pregnancy Test (record all instances where pregnancy testing is part of the clinic's activity)
03Pregnancy Advice and/or Options (where the PATIENT is confirmed as pregnant and requires advice and detailed discussion of options available)
04Abortion Assessment (includes assessment of gestation, medical history and social circumstances, a detailed discussion of the options available, their appropriateness and usually obtaining consent for any chosen procedure)
05Pre Abortion Counselling (includes counselling given by a trained counsellor)
06Abortion Medical Procedure
07Abortion Surgical Procedure
08Abortion Aftercare
09Abortion Referral (with advice)
10Post Abortion Counselling (includes counselling given by a trained counsellor)
11Cervical Screening (includes smear tests and cytology)
12Psychosexual Therapy (where psychosexual therapy is provided by a trained counsellor)
13Psychosexual Referral (with advice)
14Sterilisation/Vasectomy Assessment
15Sterilisation/Vasectomy Treatment (including procedure)
16Sterilisation/Vasectomy Aftercare
17Sterilisation/Vasectomy Referral (with advice)
18Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Treatment (includes consultation, clinical care and all therapies)
19Implant Removal
20Intrauterine System (IUS) Removal
21Intrauterine Device (IUD) Removal
22Intrauterine System (IUS) Insertion (non CONTRACEPTION)
23Intrauterine System (IUS) Check (non CONTRACEPTION)
24Menopause Management and Treatment (excluding IUS insertion/check)
25Colposcopy Treatment
26Colposcopy Referral  (with advice)
27Ultrasound Scan
28Sub Fertility Treatment and Care (including consultation, blood test for sub fertility purposes and semen analysis)
29Other Gynaecology Treatment and Care (includes all gynaecology treatment not covered under cervical screening, colposcopy and sub fertility care and medical gynaecology. Includes gynaecology consultation, investigation (vaginal or pelvic examination) and treatment)
30Alcohol Brief Intervention (see Alcohol and drug misuse prevention and treatment guidance)
31Safeguarding Children Referral (see Department of Education)
32Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Referral (see Department of Education)
33Other Referrals (include referrals to Genitourinary Medicine clinics, Primary Care, Gynaecology Departments and other Outpatient Services)
34Sexually Transmitted Infection Related Care
35Complex Long-Acting Reversible CONTRACEPTION procedures
37Medical Gynaecology (specialist gynaecological investigation)
38Care of Prostatis
39Genital Dermatoses
40Sexual Assault (acute presentation)
41Sexual Assault (non acute presentation)

This attribute is also known by these names: