A unique identifier for a TREATMENT FUNCTION.

A TREATMENT FUNCTION CODE is recorded to report the specialised service within which the PATIENT is treated.

It is based on MAIN SPECIALTY but also includes approved sub-specialties and treatment specialties used by lead CARE PROFESSIONALS including CONSULTANTS.

TREATMENT FUNCTION, rather than the Royal College or Faculty specialty, is required on most activity returns and in the Commissioning Data Sets.

TREATMENT FUNCTION CODES should be used for all data sets/collections unless otherwise stated e.g. National Workforce Data Set uses MAIN SPECIALTY CODES.

GENERAL MEDICAL PRACTITIONER, NURSE and Allied Health Professional/ Biomedical Scientist/ Clinical Scientist ACTIVITY should be recorded against the TREATMENT FUNCTION under which the PATIENT is treated.

Joint Consultant Clinic ACTIVITY should be recorded against the TREATMENT FUNCTION which best describes the specialised service.

Assigning a Treatment Function Code:

Further information on the groupings and scope of each TREATMENT FUNCTION CODE is provided at: Main Specialty and Treatment Function Codes Table.


National Codes:

100General Surgery Service
101Urology Service
102Transplant Surgery Service
103Breast Surgery Service
104Colorectal Surgery Service
105Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Service
106Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Service
107Vascular Surgery Service
108Spinal Surgery Service
109Bariatric Surgery Service
110Trauma and Orthopaedic Service
111Orthopaedic Service
113Endocrine Surgery Service
115Trauma Surgery Service
120Ear Nose and Throat Service
130Ophthalmology Service
140Oral Surgery Service
141Restorative Dentistry Service
143Orthodontic Service
144Maxillofacial Surgery Service
145Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Service
150Neurosurgical Service
160Plastic Surgery Service
161Burns Care Service
170Cardiothoracic Surgery Service
172Cardiac Surgery Service
173Thoracic Surgery Service
174Cardiothoracic Transplantation Service
191Pain Management Service
142Paediatric Dentistry Service
171Paediatric Surgery Service
211Paediatric Urology Service
212Paediatric Transplantation Surgery Service
213Paediatric Gastrointestinal Surgery Service
214Paediatric Trauma and Orthopaedic Service
215Paediatric Ear Nose and Throat Service
216Paediatric Ophthalmology Service
217Paediatric Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Service
218Paediatric Neurosurgery Service
219Paediatric Plastic Surgery Service
220Paediatric Burns Care Service
221Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Service
222Paediatric Thoracic Surgery Service
223Paediatric Epilepsy Service
230Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology Service
240Paediatric Palliative Medicine Service
241Paediatric Pain Management Service
242Paediatric Intensive Care Service
250Paediatric Hepatology Service
251Paediatric Gastroenterology Service
252Paediatric Endocrinology Service
253Paediatric Clinical Haematology Service
254Paediatric Audio Vestibular Medicine Service
255Paediatric Clinical Immunology and Allergy Service
256Paediatric Infectious Diseases Service
257Paediatric Dermatology Service
258Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Service
259Paediatric Nephrology Service
260Paediatric Medical Oncology Service
261Paediatric Inherited Metabolic Medicine Service
262Paediatric Rheumatology Service
263Paediatric Diabetes Service
264Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Service
270Paediatric Emergency Medicine Service
280Paediatric Interventional Radiology Service
290Community Paediatric Service
291Paediatric Neurodisability Service
321Paediatric Cardiology Service
421Paediatric Neurology Service
180Emergency Medicine Service
190Anaesthetic Service
192Intensive Care Medicine Service
200Aviation and Space Medicine Service
300General Internal Medicine Service
301Gastroenterology Service
302Endocrinology Service
303Clinical Haematology Service
304Clinical Physiology Service
305Clinical Pharmacology Service
306Hepatology Service
307Diabetes Service
308Blood and Marrow Transplantation Service
309Haemophilia Service
310Audio Vestibular Medicine Service
311Clinical Genetics Service
313Clinical Immunology and Allergy Service
314Rehabilitation Medicine Service
315Palliative Medicine Service
316Clinical Immunology Service
317Allergy Service
318Intermediate Care Service
319Respite Care Service
320Cardiology Service
322Clinical Microbiology Service
323Spinal Injuries Service
324Anticoagulant Service
325Sport and Exercise Medicine Service
326Acute Internal Medicine Service
327Cardiac Rehabilitation Service
328Stroke Medicine Service
329Transient Ischaemic Attack Service
330Dermatology Service
331Congenital Heart Disease Service
333Rare Disease Service
335Inherited Metabolic Medicine Service
340Respiratory Medicine Service
341Respiratory Physiology Service
342Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service
343Adult Cystic Fibrosis Service
344Complex Specialised Rehabilitation Service
345Specialist Rehabilitation Service
346Local Specialist Rehabilitation Service
347Sleep Medicine Service
348Post-COVID-19 Syndrome Service
350Infectious Diseases Service
352Tropical Medicine Service
360Genitourinary Medicine Service
361Renal Medicine Service
370Medical Oncology Service
371Nuclear Medicine Service
400Neurology Service
401Clinical Neurophysiology Service
410Rheumatology Service
420Paediatric Service
422Neonatal Critical Care Service
424Well Baby Service
430Elderly Medicine Service
431Orthogeriatric Medicine Service
450Dental Medicine Service
451Special Care Dentistry Service
460Medical Ophthalmology Service
461Ophthalmic and Vision Science Service
501Obstetrics Service
502Gynaecology Service
503Gynaecological Oncology Service
504Community Sexual and Reproductive Health Service
505Fetal Medicine Service
510Retired but retained for historical purposes
520Retired but retained for historical purposes
560Midwifery Service
610Retired but retained for historical purposes
620Retired but retained for historical purposes
656Clinical Psychology Service
700Learning Disability Service
710Adult Mental Health Service
711Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service
712Forensic Psychiatry Service
713Medical Psychotherapy Service
715Old Age Psychiatry Service
720Eating Disorders Service
721Addiction Service
722Liaison Psychiatry Service
723Psychiatric Intensive Care Service
724Perinatal Mental Health Service
725Mental Health Recovery and Rehabilitation Service
726Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Service
727Dementia Assessment Service
730Neuropsychiatry Service
800Clinical Oncology Service
811Interventional Radiology Service
812Diagnostic Imaging Service
822Chemical Pathology Service
832Retired but retained for historical purposes
834Medical Virology Service
650Physiotherapy Service
651Occupational Therapy Service
652Speech and Language Therapy Service
653Podiatry Service
654Dietetics Service
655Orthoptics Service
657Prosthetics Service
658Orthotics Service
659Dramatherapy Service
660Art Therapy Service
661Music Therapy Service
662Optometry Service
663Podiatric Surgery Service
670Urological Physiology Service
673Vascular Physiology Service
675Cardiac Physiology Service
677Gastrointestinal Physiology Service
840Audiology Service
920Diabetic Education Service
990Retired but retained for historical purposes

This attribute is also known by these names: