Change Log


Current version: 3.21


Click on the Change Request links below to see which Data Dictionary Change Notices (DDCNs), Data Set Change Notices (DSCNs) and Information Standards Notices (ISNs) changed this item after the release of version 3 of the NHS Data Model and Dictionary (May 2005).

Change RequestChange Request DescriptionImplementation Date
n/aMigrated from v1.3Immediate
CR1011Cancer Waiting Times1 Jan 2009
CR843Radiotherapy Data Set1 Apr 2009
CR1013Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity Data Set1 Apr 2010
CR1063June Release Update PatchImmediate
CR1103National Renal Data SetImmediate
CR1105Community Information Data Set1 Apr 2012
CR1104Maternity Services Secondary Uses Data Set1 Apr 2013
CR1244June Release PatchImmediate
CR1312June 2012 Release PatchImmediate
CR1350December Release PatchImmediate
CR1498October 2014 Release PatchImmediate
CR1565Retirement of Diabetes Summary Core Data SetImmediate
CR1629November 2017 Release PatchImmediate
CR1634Patient Level Information Costing System (PLICS) Acute Data SetImmediate
CR1643April 2018 Release PatchImmediate
CR1648Mental Health Services Data Set Version 41 Apr 2019
CR1656NHS Data Model UpdateImmediate
CR1690Community Services Data Set Version 1.51 Apr 2020
CR1694November 2018 Release PatchImmediate
CR1793October 2020 Release PatchImmediate
CR1813Commissioning Data Set, Mental Health Services Data Set and Community Services Data Set Preparatory ItemsImmediate