Change Log


Current version: 3.14


Click on the Change Request links below to see which Data Dictionary Change Notices (DDCNs), Data Set Change Notices (DSCNs) and Information Standards Notices (ISNs) changed this item after the release of version 3 of the NHS Data Model and Dictionary (May 2005).

Change RequestChange Request DescriptionImplementation Date
n/aMigrated from v1.3Immediate
CR555DSCN 11/2005 - Data Standards: COVER - Hepatitis B immunisation for babies1 Apr 2005
CR719Waiting Times and Activity1 Apr 2006
CR1049Diagrams in NHS Data Model and DictionaryImmediate
CR1058Change Package 1058Immediate
CR1227Update PatchImmediate
CR1348Breast Screening Programmes Data Set (KC63 and KC62)1 Oct 2013
CR1350December Release PatchImmediate
CR1435Retirement of Standards - DSCNs 22/95/P21, 20/91, 21/93, 40/95/P34, 09/94/P04, 93/95/P76, 23/94/A04, 8/92 and 17/93.1 Apr 2014
CR1515Retirement of Mental Health Standards1 Jan 2016
CR1551Retirement of HPV Immunisation Programme Vaccine Monitoring Monthly Minimum Data Set and HPV Immunisation Programme Vaccine Monitoring Annual Minimum Data SetImmediate
CR1694November 2018 Release PatchImmediate
CR1699Retirement of KC53: Adult Screening Programmes - Cervical ScreeningImmediate
CR1701Orphaned Items PatchImmediate
CR1837Attribute Type ItemsImmediate