A subtype of ACTIVITY GROUP.

The specific route that a particular PATIENT takes from the first REFERRAL REQUEST RECEIVED DATE of a SERVICE REQUEST or the ACTIVITY DATE of the first emergency ACTIVITY where there is no related SERVICE REQUEST.

Where a PATIENT has more than one referral for unrelated clinical reasons, each referral will have its own PATIENT PATHWAY.

The start of the PATIENT PATHWAY may start the first REFERRAL TO TREATMENT PERIOD although there may be a number of subsequent REFERRAL TO TREATMENT PERIODS.

For a particular PATIENT PATHWAY, there may not be a related REFERRAL TO TREATMENT PERIOD if treatment starts immediately such as an emergency admission.

A PATIENT PATHWAY will continue for chronic or recurrent conditions and it will also continue even if the PATIENT declines treatment as they may have treatment for the same condition at a future date.


This class is also known by these names: