Change Log


Current version: 3.23


Click on the Change Request links below to see which Data Dictionary Change Notices (DDCNs), Data Set Change Notices (DSCNs) and Information Standards Notices (ISNs) changed this item after the release of version 3 of the NHS Data Model and Dictionary (May 2005).

Change RequestChange Request DescriptionImplementation Date
n/aMigrated from v1.3Immediate
CR843Radiotherapy Data Set1 Apr 2009
CR1050Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Data Set1 Apr 2011
CR1028Children and Young People???s Health Service Secondary Uses Data Set1 Apr 2013
CR1055Update to CP843Immediate
CR1090NHS Data Model and Dictionary Modelling Changes - Questionnaires and Person ScoreImmediate
CR1094NHS Data Model and Dictionary Modelling Changes - EducationImmediate
CR1095NHS Data Model and Dictionary Modelling Changes - EmploymentImmediate
CR1231HIV and AIDS Reporting Data Set1 Apr 2013
CR1252Geographic Area ChangesImmediate
CR1265Changes to the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Data Set1 Apr 2012
CR1308May 2012 Release PatchImmediate
CR1353Workforce Data Set Version 2.71 Jun 2014
CR1404Retirement of e-Gif definitionsImmediate
CR1517Workforce Data Set Version 2.81 Jan 2016
CR1442HIV and AIDS Reporting Data Set and XML Schema Version 31 Nov 2016
CR1648Mental Health Services Data Set Version 41 Apr 2019
CR1656NHS Data Model UpdateImmediate
CR1694November 2018 Release PatchImmediate
CR1701Orphaned Items PatchImmediate
CR1749Update PatchImmediate
CR1762April 2020 Release PatchImmediate
CR1779Retirement of Information Sharing to Tackle Violence Minimum Data SetImmediate
CR1795Preparatory ItemsImmediate