Format/Length:max an3
National Codes: 
Default Codes:999 - Not known i.e. date of birth not known and age cannot be estimated

AGE ON ADMISSION is the same as attribute PERSON AGE.

AGE ON ADMISSION is derived as the number of completed years between the PERSON BIRTH DATE of the PATIENT and the START DATE (HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL).

AGE ON ADMISSION is used by the Secondary Uses Service to derive the Healthcare Resource Group 4. Failure to correctly populate this data element is likely to result in an incorrect Healthcare Resource Group, usually associated with lower levels of healthcare resource.

For further information, please refer to the NHS England website at: Payment by Results Guidance.

Note: the Format/Length has been updated in Data Dictionary Change Notice 1808 "Correction of Format/Length Data Elements". The Data Set specifications that contain this item will be updated in the next version of the Information Standard where it is not already correct.


This data element is also known by these names: