Format/Length:max an12
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ATTENDANCE IDENTIFIER is the same as attribute ACTIVITY IDENTIFIER for the attendance.

ATTENDANCE IDENTIFIER is a sequential number or time of day used to enable an attendance to be uniquely identified.

If a PATIENT is seen by a doctor, sent elsewhere for a test or X-ray and then seen again by a doctor of the same CONSULTANT's firm during the same clinic session, it would be recorded as one attendance - not two.

Note: the Format/Length has been updated in Data Dictionary Change Notice 1808 "Correction of Format/Length Data Elements". The Data Set specifications that contain this item will be updated in the next version of the Information Standard where it is not already correct.

ATTENDANCE IDENTIFIER will be replaced with OUTPATIENT ATTENDANCE IDENTIFIER, which is the most recent approved national information standard to describe the required definition.


This data element is also known by these names: