CDS V6-2 Type 020 - Outpatient Commissioning Data Set Overview


The CDS V6-2 Type 020 - Outpatient Commissioning Data Set carries the data for an Outpatient Attendance or a cancelled/missed APPOINTMENT.

It covers all NHS and private Outpatient ACTIVITY taking place in any:

under the care of a CONSULTANT, MIDWIFE or NURSE, where an appropriate MAIN SPECIALTY CODE and TREATMENT FUNCTION CODE exists.  

ACTIVITY taking place under the care of Allied Health Professionals, other Biomedical Scientists and Clinical Scientists may also be carried (where an appropriate MAIN SPECIALTY CODE and TREATMENT FUNCTION CODE exists) if required although this is not a Commissioning Data Set Mandated Data Flow, unless the ACTIVITY falls under the Allied Health Professional Referral To Treatment Measurement standard.  In this case, an out-patient record for the Allied Health Professional ACTIVITY must be submitted, with the CDS DATA GROUP : PATIENT PATHWAY data elements completed as necessary.

Where the Outpatient data relates to a Referral To Treatment Period Included In Referral To Treatment Consultant-Led Waiting Times Measurement, the CDS DATA GROUP : PATIENT PATHWAY data elements must be completed where appropriate.

This CDS Type may also be used to submit Referral To Treatment Clock Stop Administrative Events.

This CDS Type must not be used for "Future Outpatients" - for this the CDS V6-2 Type 021 - Future Outpatient Commissioning Data Set must be used.

To access more detailed information on the Commissioning Data Sets, see the Commissioning Data Sets Introduction.


See Commissioning Data Set Notation for an explanation of Group Status and Group Repeats.

Business Rules

See Commissioning Data Set Business Rules for an explanation of the business and/or processing rules which apply to individual Data Elements.

XML Schema

For guidance on the XML Schema constraints, see the Commissioning Data Set Version 6-2 XML Schema Constraints.

For guidance on downloading the XML Schema, see XML Schema TRUD Download.