CDS V6-2 Type 140 - Admitted Patient Care - Finished Delivery EpisodeCommissioning Data Set Overview


CDS V6-2 Type 140 - Admitted Patient Care - Finished Delivery Episode Commissioning Data Set carries the data for a Finished Delivery Episode which is required when a delivery has resulted in a REGISTRABLE BIRTH.

This may take place in either NHS Hospitals or in non-NHS ORGANISATIONS funded by the NHS. The information is taken from the birth notification for each baby born.

In addition to Finished Delivery Episodes, Unfinished Delivery Episode Commissioning Data Set records are required for all Unfinished Delivery Episodes as at midnight on 31 March each year.

CDS V6-2 Type 200 - Admitted Patient Care - Unfinished Delivery Episode Commissioning Data Set should be used for the submission of this Unfinished Delivery Episode Commissioning Data Set.

To access more detailed information on the Commissioning Data Sets, see the Commissioning Data Sets Introduction.


See Commissioning Data Set Notation for an explanation of Group Status and Group Repeats.

Business Rules

See Commissioning Data Set Business Rules for an explanation of the business and/or processing rules which apply to individual Data Elements.

XML Schema

For guidance on the XML Schema constraints, see the Commissioning Data Set Version 6-2 XML Schema Constraints.

For guidance on downloading the XML Schema, see XML Schema TRUD Download.