Diagnostic Imaging Data Set Overview


The Diagnostic Imaging Data Set was introduced by ISB 1577 Diagnostic Imaging Data Set, in response to the lack of detailed data on national data on Diagnostic Imaging tests for NHS PATIENTS. The original requirement came from the cancer strategy to improve GP direct access to certain Diagnostic Imaging tests, as a method was required to monitor implementation of this policy.

The Diagnostic Imaging Data Set, however, has many benefits for example, to:

From April 2012 it became a mandatory requirement that all providers of NHS-funded Diagnostic Imaging tests for NHS PATIENTS in England submit the central Diagnostic Imaging Data Set on a monthly basis.

The Diagnostic Imaging Data Set facilitates the collection of clinical data and the sharing of such data to underpin the delivery of effective Diagnostic Imaging. It is structured around the clinical processes of local Radiology Information Systems (RISs) used by NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts. It records administrative data relating to Diagnostic Imaging test ACTIVITY.

Information is collected relating exclusively to Diagnostic Imaging test ACTIVITY. The Diagnostic Imaging Data Set describes Diagnostic Imaging tests that have taken place as part of a broader PATIENT PATHWAY. This includes PATIENTS referred from within the ORGANISATION, either as an out-patient, in-patient or from Emergency Care Department, or referred directly from their GP or another Health Care Provider.

The Diagnostic Imaging Data Set is collected from NHS funded providers of Diagnostic Imaging test SERVICES and submitted via a portal on the NHS England website. The submissions are processed and aggregate extracts are produced for provider and commissioner ORGANISATIONS and national groups such as the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England. This also allows linkage to the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service.

Please note that the collection of the Diagnostic Imaging Data Set does not replace any other collection of diagnostic data such as the Diagnostics Waiting Times and Activity Data Set (DM01), which should continue to be collected.

Data Set Order


The Mandation column indicates the recommendation for the inclusion of data.

XML Schema

For guidance on the XML Schema constraints, see the Diagnostic Imaging Data Set XML Schema Constraints.

For guidance on downloading the XML Schema, see XML Schema TRUD Download.