National Neonatal Data Set Overview


The National Neonatal Data Set consists of a defined list of data items that are extracted from electronic clinical records created by clinical staff on all admissions to Neonatal Critical Care Units in England.

The National Neonatal Data Set is in two parts:

The two neonatal data sets comprise data items relating to PATIENT demographics, CLINICAL INTERVENTIONS, outcomes, and PATIENT DIAGNOSES. Each data item is mapped where possible to existing ISB / SCCI / DCB / DAPB Information Standard and Collection (including Extractions) (such as the Neonatal Critical Care Minimum Data Set and Maternity Services Data Set Version 1) as well as to SNOMED CT and ICD codes.

The aim of the National Neonatal Data Set is to extract data items from electronic clinical records, create a database of these items, and make this available as a national resource to serve a variety of needs, so avoiding duplicate data collections for different purposes, minimising the burden placed upon clinical teams, and promoting data quality and completeness.

ORGANISATIONS involved in the collection may choose whether to allow identifiable or unidentifiable (anonymised) information to flow to the Neonatal Data Analysis Unit.  Where anonymised data is to flow, the appropriate 'withheld' patient and parents demographic structures should be used (i.e. those with no PERSON IDENTIFIERS, such as NHS NUMBER or PERSON BIRTH DATE). 

In addition, where anonymisation is required, the dates and times of events carried throughout the data set (such as SAMPLE COLLECTION DATE AND TIME, PROCEDURE DATE AND TIME (ABDOMINAL X-RAY)) should be replaced with the specific relevant year and month of the event and the NUMBER OF MINUTES (BIRTH TO EVENT).  The National Neonatal Data Set structure allows an either/or choice for these event items throughout the data set.

Data Collection

The National Neonatal Data Set consists of a defined list of data items that are extracted from electronic clinical records created by clinical staff relating to all neonatal critical care delivered in England.  The Neonatal Data Analysis Unit has established a database, the National Neonatal Research Database (NNRD) to hold data comprising the National Neonatal Data Set, as a national resource.

Submission Information

For submission information, see the NDAU website.  Note that all date and time fields in the National Neonatal Data Set should be in Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC) for submission purposes.

Further Guidance

Further guidance has been produced by the Neonatal Data Analysis Unit and is available on their website at: NDAU website.


The Mandation column indicates the recommendation for the inclusion of data.

Note: items in the Mandation column which are shown with notation P have not been approved by the Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care and are included to facilitate piloting and testing of future Neonatal Data Analysis Unit data requirements, prior to formal inclusion in later versions of the data set.  These items have been included in the data set layout in order to provide advance notice to data providers and system suppliers of the intention to require these items at a later date. Unless ORGANISATIONS are engaged in piloting activities relating to these items, they should NOT submit any data item marked P.