Patient Level Information Costing System Ambulance Data Set Overview

Please note that the NHS Data Model and Dictionary content relating to the Patient Level Information Costing System data sets has not been updated for the financial year 2021-2022.  Please refer to the Information Standards pages at: Patient Level Information and Costing Systems for the latest specifications. 


The Patient Level Information Costing System Ambulance Data Set is used to standardise the method of reporting cost information at Ambulance Incident level. All designated providers of Ambulance Services are required to submit Patient Level Information Costing data.

The Patient Level Information Costing System Ambulance Data Set is used to:

Data Extract Specification


NHS England have mandated all designated providers of Ambulance Services to record and report:

Reporting is required at the end of each financial year, consistent with the methodologies and submission processes in the Approved Costing Guidance. This only includes those NHS Health Care Providers noted in the Costing Mandation Timetable and does not include non-NHS Health Care Providers.


The data is collected annually. It must be submitted in accordance with the timetable set out by NHS England in the National Cost Collection Guidance (part of the Approved Costing Guidance).


The data should be submitted in an XML file, created by NHS England's Data Validation Tool (DVT). Information on how to access and use this tool is included in the National Cost Collection Guidance (part of the Approved Costing Guidance).


Patient Level Information Costing data will be submitted to NHS England using Secure Electronic File Transfer (SEFT). Secure Electronic File Transfer (SEFT) can only be accessed by registered and approved users and NHS England will invite relevant people to register for the service and provide details of the log in process.


The Mandatory or Required (M/R) column indicates the recommendation for the inclusion of data.

Data Set Constraints

For guidance on the Data Set constraints, see the PLICS Ambulance Data Set Constraints.