Active Monitoring

Active Monitoring is an ACTIVITY GROUP.

Active Monitoring will commence when a decision is made (and agreed with the PATIENT) that it is clinically appropriate to start a period of monitoring, possibly whilst the PATIENT receives symptomatic support, but without any specific or significant CLINICAL INTERVENTION at this stage.

Active Monitoring may be initiated by either a CARE PROFESSIONAL or a PATIENT.

The start of Active Monitoring will end a REFERRAL TO TREATMENT PERIOD.

During Active Monitoring the PATIENT will remain under the care of a CONSULTANT or NHS Allied Health Professional Service (Referral To Treatment Measurement) although the GENERAL PRACTITIONER will be updated with the progress of their PATIENT.

If a Decision To Treat is made during Active Monitoring, this will end the Active Monitoring and will start a new REFERRAL TO TREATMENT PERIOD; see REFERRAL TO TREATMENT PERIOD START DATE.