Adult Mental Health Care Cluster

An Adult Mental Health Care Cluster is a type of CARE CLUSTER for adult PATIENTS.

An Adult Mental Health Care Cluster is part of a currency developed to support the National Tariff Payment System for Mental Health Services.

Adult Mental Health Care Clusters are 21 groupings of Mental Health PATIENTS based on their characteristics, and are a way of classifying individuals utilising Mental Health Services that forms the basis for payment.

An Adult Mental Health Care Cluster is assigned using a decision tree or algorithm based on the PERSON SCORE from the Adult Mental Health Clustering Tool undertaken by a CARE PROFESSIONAL for the PATIENT.

This is done by first assigning the PATIENT to one of three Mental Health Care Cluster Super Classes, to narrow down the number of possible Adult Mental Health Care Clusters which are applicable to the PATIENTS condition. The PATIENT is then assigned to the most appropriate of this sub-set of Adult Mental Health Care Clusters.

Further information relating to the Adult Mental Health Clustering Tool and Adult Mental Health Care Clusters is available from the NHS England website at: NHS payment system.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
formerlyMental Health Care Cluster
pluralAdult Mental Health Care Clusters