Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission is an ORGANISATION.

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of all health and adult social care services in England, whether provided by the NHS, Local Authorities, private companies or voluntary ORGANISATIONS. It also protects the rights of people detained under the Mental Health Act.

The Care Quality Commission makes sure that essential common quality standards are being met where care is provided and works towards the improvement of care services. It promotes the rights and interests of people who use services and has a wide range of enforcement powers to take action on their behalf if services are unacceptably poor.

The Care Quality Commission's work brings together independent regulation of health, mental health and adult social care. Before 1 April 2009, this work was carried out by the Healthcare Commission, the Mental Health Act Commission and the Commission for Social Care Inspection. These ORGANISATIONS no longer exist.

The Care Quality Commission’s main activities are:

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