Consultant Clinic

A Consultant Clinic is a CLINIC OR FACILITY.

A Consultant Clinic is an Out-Patient Clinic.

A Consultant Clinic is an administrative arrangement enabling PATIENTS to see a CONSULTANT, the CONSULTANT's staff and associated health professionals. The holding of a clinic provides the opportunity for consultation, investigation and treatment. PATIENTS normally attend by prior APPOINTMENT. Although a CONSULTANT is in overall charge, the CONSULTANT may not be present on all occasions that the clinic is held. However, a member of the CONSULTANT's firm or locum for such a member, must always be present. An individual CONSULTANT may run more than one clinic in the same or different locations. This also includes clinics run by GENERAL PRACTITIONERS acting as CONSULTANT (see definition of 'CONSULTANT').

For shared clinics the Shared Care Out-Patient Consultant should be recorded.

Clinics not controlled by a CONSULTANT (or GENERAL PRACTITIONER) should not be included, e.g. those run by midwives (see Midwife Clinic). Consultant Clinic Sessions are actual occurrences of Consultant Clinics.


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