Consultant Clinic Session

A Consultant Clinic Session is a SESSION.

A Consultant Clinic Session is an individual occasion on which a Consultant Clinic is held or is intended to be held at a location. Each clinic is held on a number of occasions or sessions during a period of time. The maximum duration of a session is a notional half-day. The session may be held or cancelled. Each Consultant Clinic Session represents one unit of resource.

A Consultant Clinic Session is a clinic session held by a CONSULTANT and/or one or more members of that Consultant's firm forms a single Consultant Clinic Session.

A doctor must always be present and available to see the PATIENT and is probably one of the following:

Count attendances at a clinic as Consultant Clinic attendances if and only if the PATIENT actually sees a doctor. Otherwise record it as an attendance at a Nurse Clinic or a face to face contact with another health professional. For example, you can record multi-disciplinary clinics or group therapy sessions as Consultant Clinics if a doctor is present and sees PATIENTS. Similarly, a Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic can be a Consultant Clinic if a doctor is present and sees PATIENTS, otherwise the Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic is classed as a Nurse Clinic.

During an attendance at an Out-Patient Clinic, a PATIENT may see a doctor and also see a NURSE or other health professional at another clinic, for example, for dietary advice or counselling. If the NURSE or health professional have their own list of PATIENTS, this attendance would need to be recorded separately as appropriate, e.g. a Nurse Clinic attendance.


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