Day Care Facility

A Day Care Facility is a CLINIC OR FACILITY.

Day Care Facilities may be called Day Hospitals, Centres, Facilities or Units.

A Day Care Facility provided for the clinical treatment, assessment and maintenance of function of PATIENTS, in particular, though not exclusively, those who are elderly, mentally ill or have Learning Difficulties.

Day Care Facilities may be financed, planned and run solely by NHS ORGANISATIONS or solely by non-NHS ORGANISATIONS or jointly between NHS and non-NHS ORGANISATIONS. Jointly run facilities should still be managed by only one ORGANISATION.

The facilities specifically do not have Hospital Beds and function separately from any WARD.

A Day Care Facility is usually open during the five week days. In some places a SERVICE may be provided only once or twice a week and the SERVICE may take the form of evening or weekend sessions.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
alsoknownasDay Hospital
pluralDay Care Facilities