Discharge Ready Date

Discharge Ready Date is an ACTIVITY DATE TIME.

Discharge Ready Date is the date that a PATIENT was medically ready for discharge from a Hospital Bed but could not be discharged, thereby qualifying for Delayed Discharge Payments under the provisions of the Community Care (Delayed Discharges etc) Act 2003.

The settings from where the discharge may originate are a health service hospital or an independent hospital in pursuance of arrangements made by an NHS body.

Within the Act, the relevant community care services are defined under the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 section 46 (3). This in turn refers to provisions of other acts as follows:

"Community care services" means services which a Local Authority may provide or arrange to be provided under any of the following provisions:

(a) Part III of the [1948 c. 29.] National Assistance Act 1948;

(b) section 45 of the [1968 c. 46.] Health Services and Public Health Act 1968;

(c) National Health Service Act 2006; and

(d) section 117 of the [1983 c. 20.] Mental Health Act 1983


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