Domiciliary Consultation

Domiciliary Consultation is a CARE CONTACT.

A visit to the home of a PATIENT by one CONSULTANT for which a fee is payable under paragraph 140 of the Terms and Conditions of Service for Hospital Medical and Dental Staff. The visit is at the request of a GENERAL PRACTITIONER and normally in his/her company, to advise on the diagnosis or treatment of a PATIENT who cannot attend hospital on medical grounds.

The date of the visit to the usual place of residence of the PATIENT can be recorded.

Visits not falling within this definition include:

a.A visit made at the instance of a hospital or specialist, to review the urgency of a proposed admission to hospital, or to continue to supervise treatment initiated or prescribed at a hospital or clinic
b.A visit for which a separate fee is payable as part of work undertaken in the Community Health Services
c.In the case of dental staff, visits undertaken as part of a practitioner's responsibilities within the Community Dental Services

This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralDomiciliary Consultations