Elective Admission List

An Elective Admission List is a WAITING LIST.

An Elective Admission List is a list of PATIENTS, for whom a DECISION TO ADMIT has been made, currently awaiting admission regardless of whether a date to admit has been given.

An Elective Admission List does not include PATIENTS waiting for a first Out-Patient Attendance Consultant.

Elective Admission Lists:

A PATIENT can be on more than one Elective Admission List. This may be because the PATIENT needs treatment for more than one condition or because the PATIENT has been placed on the list of more than one Health Care Provider for the same condition.

It is also possible for a PATIENT to be entered on an Elective Admission List more than once, either for a different condition or for the same condition, where two or more admissions are required. For example, a PATIENT would have two ELECTIVE ADMISSION LIST ENTRIES on a list where the intention was to perform two or more operations requiring two or more admissions, such as repair of inguinal hernia and operation on varicose veins. Only one ELECTIVE ADMISSION LIST ENTRY should be made in the event of the intention to perform two or more procedures during one admission.

PATIENTS already in a Hospital Bed who are waiting for transfer in the same Health Care Provider unit or to another Health Care Provider unit cannot be included in an Elective Admission List.

An Elective Admission List is only for PATIENTS without a current Hospital Provider Spell, waiting for admission to hospital to start a Hospital Provider Spell.


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