Emergency Care Attendance

An Emergency Care Attendance is a CARE CONTACT.

An Emergency Care Attendance is an individual visit by one PATIENT to an Emergency Care Department to receive treatment.

During an Emergency Care Attendance the PATIENT may temporarily leave the Emergency Care Department, e.g. for an X-ray, whilst still under the responsibility of the Emergency Care Department.

An Emergency Care Attendance may be as a result of a request from a GENERAL PRACTITIONER for help with a diagnosis or treatment.

Attendances at an Out-Patient Clinic run in the Emergency Care Department should not be recorded as an Emergency Care Attendance but should be recorded as an Out-Patient Attendance Consultant or Clinic Attendance Non-Consultant depending upon the type of Out-Patient Clinic attended.

Any facility set up to receive and treat emergency cases is regarded as an Emergency Care Department for this purpose.

Emergency Care Attendances include both first and follow-up attendances. A follow-up attendance is any subsequent Emergency Care Attendance at the same Emergency Care Department for the same incident. All attendances for the same incident will constitute an Emergency Care Episode.

Note that for piloting purposes only, an Emergency Care Attendance may also be an Ambulatory Emergency Care Attendance.


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