Fetal Anomaly Ultrasound Scan

A Fetal Anomaly Ultrasound Scan is a Clinical Investigation performed during a Maternity Episode.

The Fetal Anomaly Ultrasound Scan is an Ultrasound Scan In Pregnancy that assesses for structural abnormalities in the Fetus (unborn baby).

The Fetal Anomaly Ultrasound Scan should be performed between 18 weeks and 0 days, and 20 weeks and 6 days, in accordance with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guideline 'CG62 Antenatal Care'.

Further information about the 'CG62 Antenatal Care' guideline can be found online at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence website.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralFetal Anomaly Ultrasound Scans