Integrated Care Board (ICB)

An Integrated Care Board is an ORGANISATION.

Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) are statutory ORGANISATIONS that bring NHS and care ORGANISATIONS together locally to improve population health and establish shared strategic priorities within the NHS.

Every Integrated Care Board works alongside an Integrated Care Partnership to form an Integrated Care System.

Integrated Care Boards are responsible for planning how NHS SERVICES within the boundary of their host Integrated Care System will be delivered to best meet local needs; and contracting with Health Care Providers to deliver NHS SERVICES.

Integrated Care Boards have the flexibility to determine governance arrangements in their area, including the ability to create committees and delegate functions to them.

Each Integrated Care Board must set out its governance and leadership arrangements in a constitution, formally approved by NHS England.

Statutory Clinical Commissioning Group functions were conferred on Integrated Care Boards in July 2022.

Note: the Organisation Data Service (ODS) codes identifying Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships at the point of their retirement were retained and their names changed to reflect their new legal status as Integrated Care Boards.


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