Local Authority

A Local Authority is an ORGANISATION.

The structure of local government varies from area to area in England. In some areas there are two layers or tiers:

  1. a County or Shire Council as the upper tier and
  2. a District, Borough or City Council as the lower tier.

In other areas there is just a single tier made up of a ‘Unitary Authority’. Unitary Authorities may have adopted any of these names. In London each borough is a Unitary Administration with a status similar to that of Metropolitan Districts, with the London Assembly providing strategic, city-wide government.

A Local Authority is responsible for a range of services for both individuals and business which include:

For the purposes of the Organisation Data Service, the definition for a ‘Local AuthorityORGANISATION  is based on (but is not exactly the same as) the definition given within the Local Government Act, as follows:

A “Local Authority”, in relation to England is:

Across Wales, there is a single tier system of Unitary Authorities (Councils).

Note that the Scotland Councils and Northern Ireland Councils are not included within the Organisation Data Service data set.


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