Mental Health Delayed Discharge Period

A Mental Health Delayed Discharge Period is an ACTIVITY GROUP.

A Mental Health Delayed Discharge Period is the period of time during a Consultant Episode (Hospital Provider) under a MAIN SPECIALTY CODE (MENTAL HEALTH) that the PATIENT is fit and ready for discharge, but discharge is delayed due to external factors outside the control of the Hospital Provider.  These reasons are detailed in MENTAL HEALTH DELAYED DISCHARGE REASON.

A PATIENT is ready for discharge when:

The Mental Health Delayed Discharge Period:

The END DATE (MENTAL HEALTH DELAYED DISCHARGE PERIOD) may be the same as the DISCHARGE DATE (HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL), if the external factors are resolved while the PATIENT is still ready for discharge. 

However if the PATIENT's condition deteriorates while awaiting discharge, the decision may be taken to end the Mental Health Delayed Discharge Period, and the Care Professional Admitted Care Episode and Hospital Provider Spell continue.

Multiple Mental Health Delayed Discharge Periods may occur during a single Care Professional Admitted Care Episode, and within a single Hospital Provider Spell (though they may occur in different Care Professional Admitted Care Episodes within that Hospital Provider Spell).


This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralMental Health Delayed Discharge Periods