Midwife Episode

A Midwife Episode is an ACTIVITY GROUP.

A Midwife Episode is a continuous period of time a PATIENT uses a Hospital Bed or Delivery facility as part of a Hospital Provider Spell or Care Home Stay (Midwife Care), under the direct care of a MIDWIFE. This may be during a Maternity Episode or Labour and Delivery for the mother but may also be for a baby following a REGISTRABLE BIRTH.

The MIDWIFE with overall responsibility for a Midwife Episode must be identified. If the responsible MIDWIFE changes then a new Midwife Episode or Consultant Episode (Hospital Provider) begins.

General medical care during the Midwife Episode is the responsibility of the PATIENTS own GENERAL MEDICAL PRACTITIONER who is acting as a CONSULTANT.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralMidwife Episodes