Nursing Episode

A Nursing Episode is an ACTIVITY GROUP.

A Nursing Episode is a continuous period of residential nursing care for a client (PATIENT) given on site 24 hours a day as part of a Hospital Provider Spell or Care Home Stay (Nursing Care), under the direct care of a NURSE.

The NURSE with overall responsibility for a Nursing Episode must be identified. If the responsible NURSE changes then a new Nursing Episode or Consultant Episode (Hospital Provider) begins.

During a Nursing Episode the PATIENT is either in a Care Home or in one or more WARDS of a Hospital Site. In some circumstances a PATIENT may take Home Leave, or Mental Health Leave of Absence for 28 days or less, or has a current period of Mental Health Absence Without Leave of 28 days or less, which does not interrupt the Nursing Episode.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralNursing Episodes