Maternity Domiciliary Visit
Maternity Episode
Maternity Service
Measured Referral to Treatment Period
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
Mental Health Absence Without Leave
Mental Health Act Legal Status Classification Assignment Period
Mental Health Care Coordinator
Mental Health Care Coordinator Assignment Period
Mental Health Care Plan
Mental Health Conditional Discharge Period
Mental Health Crisis Plan
Mental Health Delayed Discharge Period
Mental Health Drop In Contact
Mental Health Drop In Service
Mental Health Home Treatment Service
Mental Health Leave of Absence
Mental Health Responsible Clinician
Mental Health Responsible Clinician Assignment Period
Mental Health Service
Mental Health Trial Leave
Message Board (Asynchronous)
Metropolitan County
Metropolitan District
Microwave Ablation
Mid Arm Circumference
Middle Layer Super Output Area
Midwife Clinic
Midwife Episode
MRI Scan
Multi-Disciplinary Consultation (National Tariff Payment System)
Multidisciplinary Team
Multidisciplinary Team Discussion Date (Cancer)
Multidisciplinary Team Meeting
Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Date (Cancer)
Multi-Professional Consultation (National Tariff Payment System)