Occupational Psychologist

An Occupational Psychologist is a PERSON.

An Occupational Psychologist is recognised by the British Psychological Society.

Occupational Psychologists are concerned with people, work and ORGANISATIONS. This includes the performance and welfare of people at work and in training, how ORGANISATIONS function and how individuals, groups and teams behave at work.

Occupational Psychologists seek to increase the effectiveness of the ORGANISATION, selecting and developing people and to improve the well-being of the individual or team.

The British Psychological Society are of the view that this group has traditionally been under-represented within the NHS. However, they possess specialist skills and knowledge that can be applied in a health setting. For example, apart from their familiar role in human resource departments and organisational development, Occupational Psychologists work in the areas of vocational and employment rehabilitation for people with complex needs, occupational health SERVICES, PATIENT and organisational safety initiatives.


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