Out-Patient Waiting List

An Out-Patient Waiting List is a WAITING LIST.

An Out-Patient Waiting List is a list of PATIENTS, for whom a decision to offer an APPOINTMENT for an Out-Patient Appointment has been made, currently awaiting to be seen or contacted regardless of whether a date for the APPOINTMENT has been given. This usually involves the PATIENT attending an Out-Patient Clinic.

Lists can be maintained in several forms, using either computer or manual systems, including CONSULTANTS' diaries. They may be kept by TREATMENT FUNCTION CODE or for an individual CARE PROFESSIONAL. A PATIENT can be on more than one Out-Patient Waiting List. This may be because the PATIENT needs treatment for more than one condition or because the PATIENT has been placed on the list of more than one provider for the same condition.

It is also possible for a PATIENT to be entered on an Out-Patient Waiting List more than once, either for a different condition where it will be a different referral, or for the same condition, where two or more APPOINTMENTS are required.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralOut-Patient Waiting Lists