Sexual Health and HIV Episode

A Sexual Health and HIV Episode is an ACTIVITY GROUP.

A Sexual Health and HIV Episode is an episode of care, under one Health Care Provider, comprising of one or more attendances, where a CONSULTANT has overall responsibility for the PATIENT who attends for screening, diagnosis and management of sexually transmissible infections and related conditions. The PATIENT may be seen by other CARE PROFESSIONALS, during the same care episode, who are working on behalf of the CONSULTANT.

The episode starts on the date the PATIENT first sees or is in contact with a CARE PROFESSIONAL in respect of a REFERRAL REQUEST from either a Health Care Provider or a self referral.

The episode ends when either the PATIENT is formally discharged or has not had face to face contact with the SERVICE for at least six weeks.

Each Sexual Health and HIV Episode may be for one or more sexual health related activity which should be recorded once per Sexual Health and HIV Episode with the exception of HIV-related care which can be recorded at every attendance.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
formerlyGenitourinary Episode
pluralSexual Health and HIV Episodes