Ward Attendance

A Ward Attendance is a CARE CONTACT.

A Ward Attendance is an attendance at a WARD by a PATIENT for nursing care, where the PATIENT is not currently admitted to that Health Care Provider. A Ward Attendance should be recorded for only one Nurse or Midwife Contact.

If the attendance is primarily for the purpose of examination or treatment by a doctor it is an Out-Patient Attendance Consultant and not a Ward Attendance.

The care is for the prevention, cure, relief or investigation because of a disease, injury, health problem or other factor affecting their health status and may include one or more Patient Procedures. This includes:

The ADMINISTRATIVE CATEGORY of the PATIENT can be recorded for the Ward Attendance.

The PATIENT's FIRST ATTENDANCE CODE whether the first in a series or the only attendance should be recorded.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralWard Attendances