Ward Attendance

A Ward Attendance is a CARE CONTACT.

A Ward Attendance is an attendance at a WARD by a PATIENT for nursing care, where the PATIENT is not currently admitted to that Health Care Provider. A Ward Attendance should be recorded for only one Nurse or Midwife Contact. If the attendance is primarily for the purpose of examination or treatment by a doctor it is an Out-Patient Attendance Consultant and not a Ward Attendance. The care is for the prevention, cure, relief or investigation because of a disease, injury, health problem or other factor affecting their health status and may include one or more Patient Procedures. This includes:-

a.Disease (physical or mental) confirmed or suspected - inclusive of undiagnosed signs or symptoms.
b.Injury - inclusive of poisoning - confirmed or suspected.
c.Health problem e.g. prostheses or graft in situ
d.Other factors influencing the health status of non-sick PERSONS e.g.
 ii.sexual and reproductive health (formerly known as family planning)
 iii.potential donor (organ or tissue)
 iv.potential problem requiring prophylactic (preventative) care
 v.bereavement or other problem requiring health professional counselling
 vi.cosmetic surgery

The ADMINISTRATIVE CATEGORY of the PATIENT can be recorded for the Ward Attendance.

The PATIENT's FIRST ATTENDANCE CODE whether the first in a series or the only attendance should be recorded.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralWard Attendances