Commissioning Data Set XML Schema Version Numbering

The CDS XML Schema Version Number Format
The use of XML was mandated by the e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) programme as the standard to be used for messaging by government organisations and was adopted by the NHS.

e-GIF and the Government Data Standards Catalogue have been archived and are available for reference only.

The CDS XML Schema adopts version numbering techniques in line with published e-GOV best practice guidelines. All schema components are version numbered and date qualified; the following is an example of the adopted format:

CDS XML Message Root
Example: V6-0-2007-03-01 (Note that dash separators are used).
[Schema Filename] + [Major Version Number] + [Minor Version Number] + [Version Date]




XML Schema File NameAs allocated by Data Architecture at NHS DigitalCDS-XML_Message_Root-
Major Version Number
A maximum of 3 characters
incremented numerically
without leading zeros
Minor Version Number
A maximum of 3 characters
incremented numerically
without leading zeros
Version Dateccyy-mm-dd2007-03-01

The Major Version Number:
This is incremented when fundamental change has taken place such as:

The Minor Version Number:
This is incremented for all XML Schema changes not warranting a Major Version Number increment (as above).
Examples are:The Version Date:
This may be adjusted as a defined reference point for a no risk XML Schema release to reflect minor changes and corrective releases.
Examples are:
* Upwardly Compatible:
Minor changes and adjustments to the XML Schema which introduce little or no risk of increased data rejection are deemed upwardly compatible.

For example, corrective adjustments, which align the XML Schema to the authorised NHS Data Standards as published in the NHS Data Model and Dictionary often fall within this category.

The XML Schema Date:
All XML Schema releases have a designated SchemaDate XML Attribute.

XML Schema Version Control - The Schema Root:
The schema root is the single entry point to the XML Schema and XML Attributes for the following are validated: