Accessible Information

Accessible Information is information which is able to be read or received and understood by the individual or group for which it is intended.

The Equality Act 2010 places a duty on all service providers to take steps or make reasonable adjustments in order to avoid putting a disabled PERSON at a substantial disadvantage when compared to a PERSON who is not disabled.

DCB1605: Accessible Information requires that Health and Social Care ORGANISATIONS identify and record the information and communication support needs of PATIENTS and service users (and where appropriate their carers), where these needs relate to or are caused by a DISABILITY, impairment or sensory loss. These ORGANISATIONS are also required to take action to ensure that these needs are met.

The information and communication support needs cover four areas:

For further information on Accessible Information, see the NHS England website at: Accessible Information Standard.

Note: This NHS Business Definition is referenced by the approved Information Standard DCB1605: Accessible Information.