Community Treatment Order Recall

A Community Treatment Order Recall is when a PATIENT is recalled into hospital for treatment whilst on a Community Treatment Order under section 17A of the Mental Health Act 1983 as amended by Mental Health Act 2007. The decision to recall a PATIENT to hospital will be made by the Mental Health Responsible Clinician.

If there is a risk to the PATIENT's health or safety or to that of someone else, the Mental Health Responsible Clinician may recall the PATIENT. If they go missing or do not report to hospital on recall or abscond once there, they are then subject to Mental Health Absence Without Leave provisions in the same way as a detained PATIENT and their Community Treatment Order is revoked. 

A Community Treatment Order Recall will not automatically end the Community Treatment Order. Recall can only last for a maximum period of 72 hours. If the PATIENT needs more admitted PATIENT care treatment, the Community Treatment Order can be revoked and the PATIENT is detained in hospital again.

If the Community Treatment Order Recall period is less than 72 hours, the recall will not automatically end the Community Treatment Order.

If a PATIENT is recalled and the time in hospital goes over 72 hours, they must either have their Community Treatment Order revoked or continue the Community Treatment Order. This will either happen by the PATIENT being discharged from hospital or they could continue staying in hospital as an informal PATIENT but remain on a Community Treatment Order.

A Community Treatment Order Recall can end with the: