Learning Disabilities Nursing

Learning Disabilities Nursing, as described by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, focuses on influencing behaviours and lifestyles to enable a vulnerable client group to achieve optimum health and to live in an inclusive society as equal citizens and where their rights are respected.

Learning Disabilities Nurses have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities to work in partnership with people of all ages who have learning disabilities, their families and carers, to help individuals to develop individually and fulfil their potential in all aspects of their lives irrespective of their disabilities.  In particular, they use expert communication skills to engage with vulnerable people and to interpret and understand behaviour to develop individual care packages.

They work in a variety of residential, day and outreach service settings, adapting the level of support they provide according to the complex needs of individuals, families, carers and the settings they are in. Risk assessment and risk management are key components of their work and enable individuals to exercise their individual rights and choices. Learning disabilities nurses have a critical role in supporting the agenda for equality and equal access to all community and public services.