Sub Integrated Care Board Location

A Sub Integrated Care Board Location is a sub-division of an Integrated Care Board’s total GEOGRAPHIC AREA, required for data disaggregation purposes and to support the ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD.

Sub Integrated Care Board Locations are reference data artefacts and do not represent any legally defined organisational entity in their own right; rather they are intended to be used as proxies for the Integrated Care Board of which they form a component part.

Sub Integrated Care Board Locations are intended as a temporary measure for a period of time to allow Integrated Care System legislation to be enacted, while minimising impacts on downstream systems and processes by allowing more time for the completion of planning and design activities.

Note: the Organisation Data Service (ODS) codes identifying Clinical Commissioning Groups at the point of their dissolution were retained, and their names changed to reflect their new status as Sub Integrated Care Board Locations. Each Sub Integrated Care Board Location inherited the geographical boundary from the Clinical Commissioning Group they displaced, adjusted in line with any geographical boundary changes.