Activity Location Type Codes

Guidance Notes relating to ACTIVITY LOCATION TYPE CODE.

For further information regarding the definition and use of Activity Location Type Codes see the attribute ACTIVITY LOCATION TYPE CODE.

National CodeNational Code DescriptionNotes
 PATIENT Main Residence or Related Location
A01PATIENT's Home 
A02Carer's Home 
A03PATIENT's Workplace 
A04Other PATIENT Related LOCATIONE.g. temporary ADDRESS
 Health Centre Premises
B01Primary Care Health CentrePrimary Care Health Centre with or without GP Practice(s) based in it, providing community-based healthcare SERVICES such as podiatry, community dentistry, ophthalmology, minor injuries nursing etc, Sexual and Reproductive Health Service, health promotion etc, and sometimes hosting outreach services from NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts
B02PolyclinicProvide similar services to Primary Care Health Centre but also additional SERVICES such as diagnostics, minor procedures, Out-Patient Appointments, urgent care etc. and also co-located services with Local Authority Social Care.  May also provide extended/out of hours services.
C01General Medical Practitioner PracticeStand-alone GP Practice premises, not part of a Primary Care Health Centre
C02Dental PracticeStand-alone GP Practice premises, not part of a Primary Care Health Centre
 Walk In Centres, Out of Hours Premises and Emergency Community Dental Services
D01Walk In CentreMay be NHS GENERAL PRACTITIONER Led, NURSE-led, or provided by private company.  May be sited in different areas - health care premises, in retail premises etc
D02Out of Hours CentreMay be NHS GENERAL PRACTITIONER-Led, NURSE-led, or provided by private company.  May be sited in different areas - health care premises, in retail premises etc
D03Emergency Community Dental ServiceRun by Community Dental Services not GENERAL DENTAL PRACTITIONERS
 Locations on Hospital Premises
E01Out-Patient Clinic 
E03Day Hospital 
E04Accident and Emergency or Minor Injuries Department 
E99Other DepartmentsE.g. Pathology Laboratories, physiotherapy, Diagnostic Imaging, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy Premises etc
 Hospice Premises
 Nursing and Residential Homes
G01Care Home Without Nursing 
G02Care Home With Nursing 
G03Children's Home 
G04Integrated Care Home Without Nursing and Care Home With Nursing 
 Day Centre Premises
H01Day CentreFacilities operated by the NHS, Social Services or private or voluntary bodies, providing day care and respite care for elderly or disabled people
 Resource Centre Premises
J01Resource CentrePremises where information and support for PATIENTS and their families/Carers is provided.
 Dedicated Facilities for Children and Families
K01Sure Start Children’s CentreChildren’s centres are service hubs where children under five years old and their families can receive seamless integrated services and information. SERVICES vary according to centre but may include:
  • Integrated early education and childcare
  • Support for parents including advice on parenting, local childcare options and access to specialist services for families
  • Child and family health services
  • Helping parents into work
K02Child Development Centre 
 Educational, Childcare and Training Establishments
L01SchoolIncluding Extended Services, where provided on School premises (where provided off School premises, use other appropriate LOCATION)
L02Further Education College 
L04Nursery PremisesPre-school Nurseries attached to Schools would be classed as Schools in their own right
L05Other Childcare PremisesE.g. Childminder
L06Training Establishments 
L99Other Educational PremisesSuch as Teenage Pregnancy Units, School Preparation Units (for toddlers), Pupil Referral Units (excluded older children and young people), units providing specialist education e.g. deaf children, autistic children etc
 Justice and Home Office Premises
M02Probation Service Premises 
M03Police Station / Police Custody Suite 
M04Young Offender Institution 
M05Immigration Removal Centre 
M06Young Offender Institution (15-17) 
M07Young Offender Institution (18-21) 
 Public Locations
N01Street or other public open spacePublic areas such as streets, parks, outdoor sports facilities etc
N02Other publicly accessible area or buildingPublicly accessible premises such as Youth Centres, supermarkets, shops and other retail locations such as shopping centres, community facilities such as libraries, church halls, community centres etc
N03Voluntary or charitable agency premises 
N04Dispensing Optician Premises 
N05Dispensing Pharmacy PremisesWhere it is not on a Hospital Site
 Other Locations
X01Other locations not elsewhere classified